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Every year I partner with Victory Outreach International to raise finances to support World Missions. This year my goal is 5000.00. You can sponsor me here

My Story

I was once addicted to Crack Cocaine and hopelessly lost in despair. I tried everything I knew to try, but no matter what, I could not escape my addiction. Then one day while sitting in a closet asking God to take my life, His Holy Spirit came upon me and instantly set me free. I have been serving God free from drugs, alcohol and cigarettes now for 22 years. I cannot ever forget where He brought me from and I cannot forget how it felt to finally be free! I want everyone, everywhere to share in that same experience. This is why I participate in Run4Hope. I have seen the money I raise build rehabilitation homes and urban training centers for youth in different countries. I witnessed my finances contributing to building churches, providing transportation and most importantly, I have seen my finances offer people all over the world a chance to experience the same freedom I did so long ago. I believe everyone deserves a chance at a new life. I may never get to visit these countries, but I can raise money to make sure the gospel of Jesus Christ reaches the world.. Will you help me?


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


Ways You Can Help!

Order Products
Attend Events
Give Directly

You can purchase Curriculum and other items here.

You can participate in online events. See the schedule here.

You can give directly via Cash App using $CoachKriz or sponsor me directly here

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